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Digital Marketing in Belgaum

    For savvy website owners and to be online marketers.

    Our digital marketing course will teach passionate small business owners and their employees how to:

    • Improve a website to rank on search engines.
    • Increase traffic and encourage repeated visits.
    • Use tools to analyse outcomes.
    • Use landing pages and a blog to gain a wider reach.
    • Maximize over all online presence with media and social platforms.

    By the end of the course you will understand search engines, how they decipher websites and what they look for in a company profile. You can use your new knowledge to improve your own website or improve websites for others. You will be able to analyse a website and, with some hard work, watch it increase rank on search engine result pages.

    Why Us?

    We develop websites by keeping the search engines in mind. We have developed WordPress websites for 8 years, and developing websites for 10+ years. In that time we have gained so much knowledge about WordPress, websites and search engines.